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In our lab we develop new redox transformations fueled by visible light or directly at electrodes. These readily available methods are combined with abundant transition metal catalysis thus allowing the synthesis of complex molecules in a mild and straightforward fashion.

First Publication of the Year

Recently, Sebastian teamed up with Julien Vantourout from Lyon (FR) to highlight the work of Prof. Zach Wickens on the electrochemical allylic amination. A technique highly complementary to a seminal publication by the Ritter lab using photocatalysis. These comparison is now available in Trends in Chemistry.

Two new Bachelor Students

Recently, our two students Ana and Jacob started in the group to work on some new avenues in photocatalysis. We wish them a lot of success!

Research Grant from the Faculty

The Faculty of Science and Engineering of the RUG is supporting our research on amino acids functionalization with some seed funding. Stay tuned.


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Dr. Sebastian Beil


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