Two new publications accepted

We start off the year with great news: the perspective together with the Feringa lab was accepted in Tetrahedron. We discuss the advantages of Tetrathiafulvalenes (TTF) and Thianthrenes (TT) in synthesis and materials application. Next, in a collaboration with the Minnaard group we developed a metal-free C3-selective electrochemical oxidation of glycosides. This work was justContinue reading “Two new publications accepted”

Conference Season Fall 2022

In September, the Beil Lab went to the national Dutch chemistry conference CHAINS, organized by NWO, the Dutch science foundation. It was two days of amazing chemistry spanning from Molecules of Life all the way to Fundamentals and Methods. Afterwards, Sebastian attended the Electrochemistry in Berlin, hosted by the German Chemical Society. The annual meetingContinue reading “Conference Season Fall 2022”